3 Part cards wildlife

Montessori 3-Part Cards And How To Make Them


Montessori 3-part cards were created by Dr Montessori. She was a pioneer in education and found that children learned better by doing which also helped children gain confidence in being self motivated.

3 Part cards wildlife

What Are 3-Part Cards

3-part cards are the perfect way to introduce a new topic to a child, whether it is wildlife or transportation. It not only helps a child work on their vocabulary skills but also on their identification skills.

There are three different cards to this game:

The first is the image card – In this set it shows the illustration of a planet.

Saturn 3 part card

The second is the vocabulary card – In this set it has the name of a planet.

The third is the control card – This card has both the name of the planet and the illustration, this enables the child to check that they are correct.

Control Card

To make your own set is quite simple to do.

The tools:

A laminator

Printed sheet of cards (You can order these planet ones HERE)

Scissors or paper trimmer

Laminating pouches


Step 1

Cut out the control cards, vocabulary cards, and image cards, to the right size.

Solar system 3 part cards

Step 2

Place neatly onto laminating pouch.

Step 3 


Step 4

Once laminated cut neatly with scissors or paper trimmer, making sure to round off the edges.

Planets 3 part cards

Step 5

Play the game.

Why Laminate?

By laminating the cards they will last for many years. Once your child has completed learning with them then you can pass them onto other families or even schools.

Other activities

You can also do other activities with the cards. For example my daughter then organised the planets, sun, and moon into size order.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Montessori 3-part cards.

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Montessori 3 part cards




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