The Great Forest Whale

The Great Forest Whale

Kelly Robinson-Key

The Great Forest Whale, a myth for sure.
A whale couldn’t live on the leafy green floor.

But some believe this myth to be true.
A whale living away from the big ocean blue.

Back in the town a little girl heard,
the story of the whale who lived like a bird.

Flying through the trees, over the ground below.
Flying over a stag and a smaller brown doe.

He was brown in colour like the autumnal leaves.
He was camouflaged from those who came to see.

The little girl who wore a red bow in her hair.
Whose hair was blonde, and her skin was fair.

Was curious to see the great forest whale.
She decided to visit the forest with the tale.

She packed a bag with food for the day,
Enough food to keep hunger at bay.

She said goodbye to Toby the cat.
Who was fast asleep on the fireplace mat.

She started to walk out of the town,
Towards the forest whose leaves were brown.

She walked passed rabbits, foxes, and deer.
She walked through the forest without a fear.

Until she came to a place she didn’t know.
She stopped in her tracks, the girl with the bow.

On the path in front, was a dark black cave.
The entrance to the cave was shaped like a wave.

She felt fear, but curiosity more.
As she stepped onto the dusty cave floor.

She walked through the cave in the hope to see,
The Great Forest Whale wild and free.

She walked and walked until she saw light.
Shining though the rocks, a bright flash of white.

She followed the light, climbing mud and rocks.
Mud splashing up and covering her socks.

She stepped out of the cave to a familiar sight,
Of trees and leaves and the sun shining bright.

But before she had the chance to look around,
She felt her feet jump up from the ground.

Something had made her jump with a fright.
She looked up at the sky, where the sun shines bright.

As she looked up she suddenly saw,
Something that she had never seen before.

It was the big brown tail
Of the Great Forest Whale.

It wasn’t flying like the stories she had read.
It was swimming above the little girl’s head.

Swimming around wild and free.
Swimming like it would, if it swam in the sea.

The little girl followed the whale from the wood.
She had to run fast, as fast as she could.

She followed the whale until the skies turned red.
The sun was setting, soon time for bed.

She was back at the cave and ready to go.
When she heard the noise of the forest whale’s blow.

She turned around to see the eyes,
Of the Great Forest Whale, old and wise.

She placed her hand upon his head.
‘Hello Whale’ the little girl said.

He nudged her forward towards the cave.
The girl walked off but then turned and waved.

‘Goodbye’ she said with a flick of her hair.
Squinting her eyes in the setting suns glare.

She ran through the cave and back to the town.
Away from the forest whose leaves where brown.

She ran through the door of her red brick house.
Crept up the stairs as if she was a mouse.

She ran to her window to see the forest with the tale.
The forest with the secret of the Great Forest Whale.

Forest Whale

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