Litter Monster

Litter Monster

A monster was spotted down at the beach.
Residents shook in fear at it’s frightful screech.
It had wheels for eyes Mr Reese said,
after he saw it rise up from the sea bed.
Others had claimed they had seen its claws,
made out of old rusty metal saws.
A body made of bottles, straws for its tail.
The crew described, after it ripped down their sail.
A beast that grew bigger wherever it swam to.
Grew bigger from the rubbish that people threw.
Thrown onto the beach, the fields, and the hills.
Thrown from the window from their automobile’s.
All the litter soon made its way out to sea.
For the monster to find and attach to its body.
People tried to collect the litter that lay.
On the streets and fields but it soon made its way.
As much as they tried, they could not slow down,
the growing sea monster, that was now the size of a town.
Plastic was no longer made by machine.
No longer used to keep food clean.
Items were now reused that they once threw away.
They only bought things that would last day after day.
Fruit and veg was now bought in brown paper bags.
No need for plastic or pointless tags.
They tried and they tried to reduce their litter.
Stopped using straws and colourful glitter.
After years of reducing and reusing their waste.
The monster now grew at a much slower pace.
He no longer swam close to the beach.
They no longer heard its frightful screech.
On an island it was found, by sailors passing through.
They removed it piece by piece and knew what to do.
They recycled the plastic found on the beast.
And reused what was left, the tyres at least.
From that day forward the world was much greener.
The seas were now full, and the skies now cleaner.
So to stop a sea monster visiting you.
Reduce and reuse, and recycle too.

Kelly Robinson-Key

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