Avocado Greetings Card, Card For A Vegan Or Vegetarian


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Alan the Avocado is an illustration that comes with an educational rhyme. I wrote this to encourage children to try new foods like avocado.

You can also purchase this as an A4 or A5 print using the following link

This rhyme and digital illustration was written by Kelly Robinson-Key. You can view more of her art by visiting Instagram www.instagram.com/krobinsonkeyauthor

This was written by me (Kelly Robinson-Key). It is printed on A6 High quality 250gsm card. It comes with an a6 envelope which you can see pictured above. It is then wrapped in a clear cellophane bag to keep it protected. Once the card has been received it can then be hung on your walls as it creates a beautiful piece of decor.

– Colours may vary slightly – all computer screens and printers and profiled a little differently

– This rhyme and illustration is copyrighted to the author, Kelly Robinson-Key. It must not be copied, downloaded, or printed without permission. Personal or commercial use of the rhyme or illustration without explicit written consent from Kelly Robinson-Key, is strictly prohibited.