Kelly Robinson-Key

Hello, I am Kelly Robinson-Key.

I am a mother to two beautiful children and a wife to a wonderful man.

Originally from Essex, we now live in a quiet village in picturesque South Wales.

I started writing stories for my children in 2016, this then turned into a business.

I have a degree in Environmental Science which inspired me to write wildlife and environmental based stories.

I also write to inspire others, especially children, to be who they want to be, no matter what others think.Snails Are Like Whales Print

KRK Prints was started in 2017 as I wanted to provide positive and beautiful prints for the home.

It started with prints and cards but has just expanded to organic clothing.

Caring for the environment matters to me, and this can be seen across my business.

Education is key on helping others understand and protect our planet, and educating children is incredibly important.

Giraffe Rhyme And Illustration

I struggled to find books that educated young children in a fun way.

Which is why I started my wildlife rhymes.

I now also illustrate wild animals to spread awareness and to educate. 

Wildlife A-Z Print

I hope you enjoy my website and if you would like to work with me or need any further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To contact me please E-mail: kellyrobinsonkey@gmail.com

Or follow me on the following social media:






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