Kelly Robinson-Key

Author And Illustrator



Kelly Robinson-Key

My name is Kelly, I am a wildlife educator that teaches through art and rhyme. I have a BSc (Hons) Environmental Science degree, and many years experience studying and working with wildlife. I started writing and drawing around 5 years ago and I now create my art using an iPad Pro. I write in rhyme to give children an easier way of learning wildlife facts. I find that my children, and I, learn better when things are written in rhyme as this makes it easier to remember. I aim to bring beautiful and educational art work to homes, schools, and offices. I am also working on a educational book. My wildlife art business is called Kelly’s Wild World. As well as my wildlife work, I also have a second business. After having my son 7 years ago I developed postnatal depression. I found writing positive and inspirational poetry as a way to recover and find happiness within. I now create positive, colourful art work for others to have in their home. I am currently working on a book called ‘The Little Book Of Positivity’, this will be available end of October. All of my prints are available to purchase from this website. To purchase my clothing please click the clothing link below to be taken to my teemill store.

I hope you enjoy my work.




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